888 Casino's Android Players Can Now Enjoy The Brand New Poker App

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888 Casino is one of the first online casinos to come about, opening in 1997. Since then they have become one of the most highly competitive and innovative casinos around, keeping up with technology changes and making sure that they offer the best for their 888 desktop and Android players. As one of the veterans in the industry, they have earned a highly respectable reputation and one of the most frequented online casinos in the industry. 888 has received many awards including Best Casino Operator and Best Digital Operator which explains why their longevity and why 888 desktop and Android players keep returning. They offer everything from a generous bonus, large game library, to a poker app that you can take anywhere with you on your mobile device. Below we take a look.

888 Casino Software

With technology ever-changing, it is important that online casinos keep a good habit of always upgrading their software and making sure that customers can actually enjoy their favorite games to play. One of the reasons that 888 has maintained a respectable casino for so long is that they use their own propriety software and have been able to upgrade and innovate it since 1997. 888 desktop and Android players get a since exclusivity because 888 uses their own proprietary software and have been doing so since 1997. That means they have exclusive slots, table game software, even exclusive games for the poker app. That also means that 888 players have Android and iOs accessibility to the 888 poker app on their mobile devices. If you don't want to use the 888 Android/iOs poker app, you can use the non-download instant flash version in your web browser or you can quickly and easily download it to your computer.

Games and Slots

In addition to 888 using its own software, in the last few years they have added a few other software companies with great reputations to add to their collection of games. Some of those companies are NetEnt, Dragonfish, and NextGen Gaming. In total 888 desktop and Android players can choose from over 200 games to indulge in, many included on the slots and poker app. 200 games in 2022 may seem like a little compared to other casinos but the reason they have maintained their longevity is because they want to provide 888 desktop and Android players games with the best quality. You are still, however, guaranteed to find at least one game that you will love whether you are on the computer or the slots and poker app.

888 desktop and Android players have at least 51 slots to choose from, a little less on the poker app, and many of them are titles that players will recognize from their favorite entertainment genres. For instance, they have Southpark, Fantastic Four, Clash of the Titans, and Saved by the Bells. No matter what your preference is, both 888 desktop and Android players can appreciate that the casino has a wide range of betting limits, so if you only want to bet $1 they have games that give you the options of doing so. The same applies to the 888 Apple or Android poker app.

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Table and Live Dealer Games

888 desktop and Android players can enjoy a decent number of table games if they aren't a fan of slot machines. There are multiple options of card game favorites blackjack, roulette, and poker. Whether you are on the desktop or the poker app you can try the casino's own version of Crazy Blackjack or Rockin' Roulette. If you aren't a fan of those table classics 888 desktop and Android players can indulge in their poker room, Bingo room, or their sportsbook for sports betting, all of which can be played on their poker app as well. If you love to interact with your card game components, 888 desktop and Android players can enjoy themselves with live dealer games. This is a new feature at the casino that provides high-quality HD graphics that are featured on eight classic table games. Players on the desktop or poker app can choose a male or female dealer and both of them come from either Latvia or the Philippines making the dealers more realistic to being in a casino in their area.

Play Games for Free

888 desktop and Android players are also given the opportunity to play games for free, even on the poker app. How is that possible? Simple. You could either play a regular game that typically uses a deposit in demo mode, where you won't need a deposit, or 888 has some games that are available specifically for free play. Free play games are beneficial for three types of 888 desktop or Android players. They are great for those who want to try new games before they place a wager on them and aren't sure if they like the game, 888 desktop and Android new players who have never been to the casino and want to try it out before they commit, and for those who want to take away the thrill of losing money they wage and just want to play for the love of the game and casino feel. To play for free 888 desktop and Android players don't even need a bonus and you certainly don't have to go on your bank account.

Welcome Bonus

New 888 desktop and Android players can expect a generous welcome bonus when they decide to sign up to be a member, even if they sign up with the poker app. The welcome bonus consists of a 100% match up to the first $100 you deposit. So even if you don't win any money from it you still didn't lose any money, and if you do win money, you basically just won it for free. All 888 desktop and Android new players have to make the first deposit of $100 before their first week ends, after that the offer is no longer valid. The offer is also available if you are you using the mobile poker app. All players no matter what outlet they are playing on have to meet the wagering requirements, which is small before they can receive any winnings from the bonus.

Bonus Offers for Frequent Players

Once you become an 888 desktop or Android player frequently you will see that the casino has several opportunities for you to receive bonuses, even if you are using the poker app. They have a bonus called First Pinch Punch which will only take 888 desktop and Android players a few steps to access. All they have to do is literally log in and they will get a piece of an $888 bonus. No deposit is required. Blackjack lovers have an opportunity for a bonus every 21st of the month. When you playthrough 10x on a blackjack game you will receive a 20% match up of up to $300.

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Each day of the week 888 desktop and Android players have an opportunity to win a bonus from the 888 Daily Offers promotion. On Sunday Funday 100 players are chosen to receive a prize but they won't know what the prize is until they know what number they are on the list. On Jackpot Manic Monday 888 desktop and Android players who love jackpots can win a 30% match up of up to $150. Table Tuesday consists of the same bonus except for the games featured are multi-hand blackjack, casino reels, and European roulette. If 888 desktop and Android players lose a game on Winning Wednesday the casino will give players a 20% match up of up to $20. Traveler Thursday's consist of a 20% match up of $100 for the games Café de Paris and Viva L'Italia. 888 desktop and Android players can choose one bonus option out of three on Freaky Friday. On Saturday Night Live, 888 desktop and Android players can get a 20% match bonus for up to $100.

888 Live Bonuses

If having an opportunity for a new bonus a week wasn't enough, 888 desktop and Android players have the opportunity for different bonuses at the live dealer table as well, even on the poker app. They have the Bonus Frenzy which consists of a 25% match up of up to $500 in the form of a coupon code you can use anywhere in the live casino. If you try to use the code 20 times you could win up to $10,000 total, poker app players included. If 888 desktop and Android players play live roulette between 8-9 pm they will receive an extra eight dollars. 888 desktop and Android players can also win a bonus of $1200 by playing live blackjack between 1 pm and 1 am. Finally, if you go to the 888Xtra blackjack table between 1 pm and 1 am you can win $750. Poker app players are eligible for these bonuses as well as long as they meet the wagering requirements. 888 desktop and Android players have so many options to get a bonus they are bound to win at least once a week.