Spanish Blackjack Tips

There are various rules and player strategies used to govern the playing of Spanish blackjack. Understanding these rules ensures that you are able to play the game without making losses. There are rules that are standard and act as best practice around the world while others are adopted from casino to live casino depending on the owner's preferences.

Rules used

* Players are allowed to surrender late
* The player can opt to have a double after a split occurs
* A player can surrender after doubling
* A player is allowed to double any cards number
Strategies used in Microgaming Spanish Blackjack

The strategies used in Microgaming Spanish Blackjack differ from other games though they are still at par with the best practices. They include:

* the First section always deals with the players hard totals hence the player's hand values are divided into three sections. The player should always stand or stick with the hand values of 17 and above.
* The second section strategy on online gaming. works with the soft totals of the player with hand values numbers ranging from 12 to 19. It works that a player should always ensure he is hitting on the soft totals that range from 12 to 14. The soft totals that a player should stand on should tally up to a total of 19. There are other instances where a player should stand or strike double according to the strategy card.
* The thirds and final section ranges on when pairs are dealt to make the decision of splitting. There certain pairs that should not be spilled. They include pairs of fives, pairs of fours and pairs often, however, aces and pairs of eights can be split. When a dealer has 10 or 9 value cards then you should not split pairs of twos and threes.