Video Poker Slot Machines

For novice poker players, Jokers Wild video poker offers the perfect way to become familiar with the game and hone the skills of a seasoned gambler. Play Joker Wild video poker. Jokers Wild is one of the easiest poker games to learn as it is traditional poker with only a single wild card. Plus, by playing online gaming., players can enjoy the game at their own speed, either taking their time or chaining together multiple games. With just a few simple guidelines anyone can begin playing and winning in no time.

How to Play

Jokers Wild video poker in live casino the game provides the best of online poker. The traditional rules of poker all apply, making this a great game for players new to the game. After making an initial bet, the player is dealt five cards. He or she can then choose to discard as many or as few of those cards as he or she wants to build the best hand possible. The player then receives new cards to replace the discarded ones, and the score is calculated. Players should keep in mind that, as the name says, jokers are wild.

Winning Hands

Unlike in regular poker where the player is playing against other players to have the best hand, in Jokers Wild video poker, the player is essentially playing against just the house. There are multiple winning hands that progress from a pair of kings or Aces all the way up to a five of a kind with four of a single card and a joker. Each different hand pays out progressively more as the difficulty of building that hand increases. The only real competitor, then, is the odds of getting a good hand.

Whether the player is new to the game of poker or has been playing for years and simply wants to brush up on his or her skills, Jokers Wild video poker can be a great option. Jokers Wild is available at your favorite online casino like